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``Give us your space and we will turn your vision into reality``

Your space reflects your personality. It is also quite fascinating to view each new piece of art, think about what the artist was trying to say with the use of space.

We have a wide range of decor and utility products right from your home entrance to your bathrooms via the living room, kitchen and bedrooms and terrace garden. Just pick and place.

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Creating perspective in art relies on the judicious use of space.

The Element of Space Design refers to the area within, around, above or below an object or objects.

It is important to create and understand both two dimensional or three-dimensional works of art. With three dimensional art, the space occupied is real as is the space around the object.

In two dimensional art, this is definitely not the case. Two-dimensional art exists on a flat surface, so if something looks three dimensional- it is an illusion! Even the most realistic paintings or photographs are illusions. We use a number of “tricks” for creating the illusion of depth in our art.


No matter what the medium is, we consider the space so that our work will be displayed in has part of the overall visual impact.

We will make sure that space is a reflection of your personality. 


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