Made to Order Artwork

Commissioned art isn’t just for Renaissance lords and ladies! Every day, people are commissioning original art from us to use as home decor, gifts, avatars, and more.

 Get your customized art in just these easy 4 steps!

Stage 1

Make Order

Stage 2

Work Start

Stage 3

Time Allocated
Time Duration

Stage 4

Art Delivered
Art Delivered

The Order Placement Stage

Made to order artwork is a service we offer where artwork is created based on the original design shown on the website. There is more flexibility because it can be custom made to suit your interior. Quite often we receive requests for different sizes or colors than those displayed on the site. You can contact us on individual artwork pages to discuss your requirements. We do not sell mass produced artwork or digital reproductions of original artwork; therefore each piece will be unique and whilst every effort is made to produce the artwork as close to the image shown on the site, it will not be an exact replica and will have variations.

 The Creation Stage

Once we receive your order and acknowledge it, we will begin creating your artwork.

 Time Scales

We will specify an expected delivery time on each artwork page. This is a guideline and may vary depending on current workload. You will be kept up-to-date with the progress and the expected completion date will be added to your order notes.

Your Approval& Delivery

Once your artwork is complete, we will email you a photo for your approval. Once you are 100% satisfied, we will arrange delivery.


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Custom Made Art by Bulbuli