Decor Consultation

``Most Effective and Efficient Decor Design for Home.``

The decor consultation is an opportunity to see your dream taking shape into reality first-hand followed by a conceptual process.

It’s a time to learn more about your vision for space, how it fits in with your lifestyle, etc.

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It starts with a conversation with you and our team followed by a video consultation and a site visit. Feel free to reach us on WhatsApp.


A design consultation is usually the second step in the client “on-boarding” process. The first step in this process is a phone call where we assist and will interview you to find out more about your vision and tastes and requirement, your level of financial investment, and some questions about your project.


Let's Talk Your Project.We are ready to work together.

The key to any good consultation is to have an area on which you will focus the consultation.

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