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Think differently - Corporate gifting with a twist

Nothing beats the personal touch in gifting whether the customer is a mammoth conglomerate or a terribly tiny entrepreneurial tot.

So, whether you’re a start-up and your customer is a Fortune 500 company or vice versa, put in some thought to the gifts going out to the corporate side of life.

It makes all the difference personally and it definitely does professionally too.

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Out of the 'gift' box

Bulbuli offers a huge variety of corporate gifts for every occasion. …

Bulbuli will make a warm gift to your employees. … their corporate life a bit easy or their desks more aesthetic and appealing to work on.


No matter the scale of your corporate gifting outreach, always include a thoughtful handwritten note addressed specifically to every single recipient.

Explain why you’re sending your item, what value you hope it will bring, and your plan to continue the conversation


Unique One-to-One Corporate Gift Ideas

One-to-one creates relationships with customers via an individualized and personal approach.

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