Art Installations

Installation of art is three-dimensional works designed to transform the perception of a space.

As for their purpose, they tend to be used as an alternative to more traditional artwork. In this respect, viewers are able to enter, move around, and interact with it in a way not possible with paintings and sculptures. 

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What is Art Installation?

The philosophy behind this genre of artwork has been employed for ages. One notable example is the immersive experience of Theme Parks like Disneyland, or take place every year in Mumbai by the name of, Kala Ghoda Festival. It’s a festival which represents various kinds of Art Installations. 

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In the modern world where so many different art forms are born, developed, explored and even forgotten over time, almost no other manifestation of art is so impressive and instantly mesmerizing as Art Installation.

When you walk into a room where the majority of the space around you is actually a part of the artwork, you yourself become part of the art. When you see something that shouldn’t quite be there and stands out in an obvious manner, and yet somehow fits in the surroundings in a peculiar way, you’re probably looking at another piece of art.

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