Hello There! In One Word, We are CREATIVE.

We create so that you can have the art & Décor that you love.We create with a purpose and the purpose is YOU.

We design with passion to bring you exclusive   art collection.  Whatever your interest, your décor style,

your inspiration – we’re   sure to have that piece you can’t live without.

“Incredible Art – Every Time.”

“Get Inspired”

You may know what is right for you and your space..or you may need guidance to discover what you love. Either way, We’ve got all sorts of tools to help you explore, experiment and express yourself..

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“Quality & Care”

Quality is never an accident. It is always a result of conscious efforts.

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Have something specific in mind.. Send an enquiry, we will be happy to customize for you

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 “We are a bunch of color freaks, day-dreamers, late-night-painters, enthusiastic and creative art lovers and believers of beauty.”

Shubh Sahay

Shubha Sahay

 Co-founder and Creative director 

 Shubha completed her bachelor’s degree in fashion designing in 2005 from NIFT. She possesses work experience of over nine years in fashion industry. She has worked for brands like Gini & Jony, Peppermint clothing.

Beside a fashion designer, she is also a versatile artist. She is acknowledged by her acrylic canvas painting and fabric designs and graphics. Shubha is known for her mastery in combining Indian Art with modern outlook. Contemporizing is the key- word for her style of art


Aakanksha Sinha

 Co-Founder and Creative Director

Aakanksha completed her Master’s degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from the University of Pune in 2010.She commenced her career as a sports reporter and worked for CWG 2010, anchored programs on Dordarshan. She possess over five years of experience in media, public relations, social media marketing. The journey from a journalist to an artist has been interesting. Her designs have been appreciated and acknowledged. Aakanksha has been creating abstract designs inspired by Indian heena art and has been projecting it as a miniature art. She is known for her unique and exclusive style of Pen-craft style of art.


Founded in 2014, our dream was to blend tranditional art with contemporary outlook and create some ‘happy’ art-focused products. In this one year, the kind of art décor that we make has grown from paintings to clay plates,digital art, lamp shades,trays, coasters and a lot more.

All of these have come together and made BulBuli a platform  for artists of all genres to get their creativity translated into beautiful art ieces.

This has given BulBuli a cohesive art-based name. In the days to come,we will add a lot more to the story.

Stay Tuned!


BulBuli is a junction where art and craft infuse together to impart color to our lifestyle. It is about the abstract designs, the modern paintings, the sketches, the craft, the decoration, the shades. It is the tale of presenting art & craft. Inspired by trendy Indian heena designs and modern art BulBuli has come up with varied range of art and art-infused utility products.

It is about the presentation of traditional art in modernized pattern.



If you are a journalist and would like to meet us or write an article about BulBuli, mail us at info@bulbuli.in


Each and every day , we have more to offer you so keep in touch – you never know what you’ll discover.

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